The Leadership Edge

In September 2008, the team at The Leadership Edge came to Gaslamp Media for an upgrade to their existing website:

  • Their business has outgrown their “online brochure” type of website and needed more functionality
  • They needed to be able to manage the site on their own without having to learn HTML code or programming
  • They needed a secured area where their clients can login to access information and support materials
  • They want to update their website while preserving their brand

How we did it

We installed and customized a set of modules that allowed us to create a unique client area. What makes it unique is that the content displayed will vary depending on the type of client who logs in. For instance, the executive client type will have different options, articles, and information than what a human resource client type would have. This level of control allows The Leadership Edge Inc to appropriately and effectively serve meaningful content to their clients.

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