Gaslamp Media teams up with Futurity Cloud Services to offer professionally supported Google Apps services

Futurity Cloud Services, LLC (Futurity), a Google Apps Reseller & Support company has inked a solutions partnership with Gaslamp Media.  Both firms are from the San Diego, CA area.  

“After meeting the team at Gaslamp Media, I could not be any more excited to be involved with this partnership.  San Diego area businesses are in great hands.  Futurity Cloud Services for your Google Apps & Communications needs, and Gaslamp Media for your marketing needs.  With many of our clients asking for web development and print marketing advice, it's great to know we have a trustworthy company to refer them to.  This is a full service offering for sure”, Eric J. Goforth, Director of Business Development for Futurity Cloud Services.

Under the terms of the agreement, both organizations will leverage the partnership with their existing and future clients to drive business unilaterally and provide the means by which their clients can have faith that each company has been vetted by an organization that they already trust.

Further to the agreement, Futurity Cloud Services will aid Gaslamp Media customers in their deployment by waiving domain prep fees, while Gaslamp Media will provide free hosting services to clients of Futurity Cloud Services.  

Thai Yin, Co-Founder, Gaslamp Media; “We have been using Google Apps for Business for a long time and we recommend that all of our clients use Google Apps for Business simply because it is a great idea.  But we are a marketing firm and pride ourselves in being focused in that effort.  With Futurity on board, all of the recommendations we have made to use Google Apps for Business can now be backed by certified professionals, and that is amazing for us and our clients.”

Futurity Cloud Services, LLC

Futurity Cloud Services was founded in 2011 to meet the growing demand for Google Apps products and founded by professional IT Directors from various industries who all deployed Google Apps in many different organizations.   All combined, the leadership at Futurity Cloud Services have over 30 years in executive IT Management ranging from small operations, start-ups and even international companies.Along with our experienced leadership, we have formed partnerships with some Southern California's most aspiring companies and business development organizations that share our dedication to business growth.  We are so committed to small and medium business success that we volunteer our expertise to help the organizations that help businesses grow as well as teach various instructional courses on  business technology.

Gaslamp Media

Gaslamp Media is a full-service marketing and graphic design firm specializing in dynamic print and electronic communications with an urban edge.

Gaslamp Media was founded in 2008 by industry veterans Chris Shaughnessy and Thai Yin. Having ran successful firms of their own, Chris with a focus in branding and print, and Thai in web design and development, the two position Gaslamp Media in the unique space of being able to offer expertise in both print and internet marketing.

Located in the heart of downtown San Diego's Gaslamp District, they create cutting-edge marketing solutions designed to meet and exceed our clients' objectives. Our expertise includes identity and branding, logo design, advertising, website design and development, and marketing campaigns collateral materials, and special projects. From local startups to nationally recognized brands, more than 200 companies have turned to Gaslamp Media for powerful marketing and communications programs that get results.

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