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Drupal Geofield Map Custom Marker

Easily change the default Google Map marker in the Geofield module with the patch by anou.

It introduces a field to enter a path for your custom marker.


Custom Geofield Map marker

1 reply on “Drupal Geofield Map Custom Marker”

Hi Angela,

I am struggling!! If I might seek your assistance. i have added anou’s patch – the field shows up in my view settings, but cannot seem to find the icon/image file.

is there a size limit? is there a preferred location (I tried sites/image.png, as well as sites/default/images/image.png etc. maybe geofield has a different base or starting folder?

I note in the php code in the module that there is a reference to a choice of ‘Yes” and ‘No’, however, I cannot see that option, flag or button (if it is there).

Can you provide a hint to how you made it easy?



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