Coastal Payroll Services goes Drupal

Coastal Payroll Services is a payroll service provider based in San Diego. Their previous website was built with HTML and CSS, which kept the code as simple as possible, but updates still had to be done through a cumbersome process of accessing the server and modifying files. More importantly, it required the client to download and learn additional software. With payroll and tax laws changing all the time, they needed an easier method of keeping their website up to date with the latest forms and news. So we set up a new Drupal based website, converted the design to a Drupal theme, and migrated all the content and matched the page names. To search engines and regular visitors there's no difference, but now they have the power of an enterprise class content management system behind their website. Updates can be done by simply logging into the website and editing the page they want with a WYSIWYG editor and simple file manager.

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