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Provident Trust Group Redesign

Provident Trust Group came to us with an existing Drupal website that needed a fresh new look to replace their cluttered homepage and hard to use form finder. We cleaned it up with a simplified homepage focused on company's main services and laid out the form finder in a more graphical format with easy to […]

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Have 30 minutes? You can learn how to use Drupal.

The biggest complaint that we hear on a regular basis is “It's really hard to update my website.” Between learning HTML, filtering through hundreds of lines of code, and resizing photos, getting new information on your website can be as painful as pulling teeth. Information goes stale while business passes by. Thankfully, the community of […]

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Do it Yourself with a Content Management System

Problem: Flakey webmasters In early 2008, we noticed an unfortunate trend in website development – flakey webmasters. This often lead to sticky situations and disputes between business owners and the person/company managing their website. Something as simple as changing the phone number on the company website could take months because of difficulty communicating. Time to […]